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Alltec will Assess damages to  Cars, Truck, Caravans, Motor Homes, Motorbikes and Boats.

There are different types of Assessments which include: accident damage assessment - theft assessment - malicious damage - storm/elements damage - fire damage - third party assessment - rectification assessment - total losses - salvage

General Assessments

General Assessments are carried out to determine an accurate and true cost of damages by a certified Assessor.

Valuations, Total losses and Salvage

 Third party valuations and reports can be issued. Total losses handled in co-inside with Salvage yards. All salvage valuations are either selected from reputable auction yards or valuation book guides.

Detailed Assessments

Upon request a detailed assessment can be carried out to assist with theft analysis ,fraudulent claims and factual statements can be taken to help with claims decisions .





Sample Valuation Report

Sample Assessment Report