Technical Reports

Unfortunately with professional tradespersons there is the element that persists with performing fraudulent defective work that is hidden with body fillers and paint work .It is not usually found until the next collision happens in the same area or when rust begins to push fillers out . This sort of occurrence is usually upon the owner of the vehicle to pay rectification costs unless proven to be a result from a previous claim under the same ownership. It pays to have a professional trained eye to inspect your valued investment to check your vehicles integrity.

Mechanical defects are also inspected and reports written for tribunal and court hearings. Detailed reports with images illustrating faults with a unbiased opinion. 

After Accident Inspection / Rectification Reports

If you have had repairs done and you’re not happy with them or decisions may by your insurance company have them independently looked at as you may need a report if you have to attend tribunal or for the Ombudsman.

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